Information: Ever wanted a Jameleon but found they were too expensive? Your old Lickatoad looking tired and out of date? Get a Newtgat - functions like a Lickatoad but with all the expensive Jameleon styling you love.

Appearance requirements:

  • Have 20 pinometers of water (2%).
  • No Juicygeese resident in the garden.

Visit requirements:

  • Have Watercress growing in the garden.
  • Have 30 pinometers of water (3%).

Resident requirements:

  • Has eaten 3 Watercress flowers.
  • Have 30 pinometers of water (3%).

Romance requirements:

  • Has eaten one Raisant.
  • Have 30 pinometers of water (3%).
  • Have a Newtgat house in the garden.

Piñata variants:

  • Feeding it a Bird of Paradise flower changes its color to orange.

Other information:

  • Feeding a Newtgat a Chilli turns it into a Salamango.
  • Eating one Newtgat helps meet the Badgesicle resident requirements.
  • Eating two Newtgats helps meet the Juicygoose romance requirements.