Note: Barkbark is a domestic piñata, and must be bought from Gretchen's Fetchems at level 6.
Information: The Barkbark is man's best friend. His qualities are loyalty, cheery disposition, obedience, and every now and then slobbery overfriendlyness.
Level: 6
Base Value: 2100


Romance Requirements Edit

  • Has eaten a Bone
  • Has a Collar
  • Have a Barkbark house in the garden
Species variants for the Barkbark

Feeding it a Bottle of Medicine changes its color to pink.
Changes base value to ???.

Barkbark UsesEdit

  • A Barkbark will chase Ruffians and sour piñatas out of your garden when wearing a spiked collar.

Other Information Edit

  • If your DS' internal clock is set to your birthday, you'll receive a birthday cake which includes a Barkbark or Kittyfloss egg.